Whether you're THINKING of creating an online course 

or you've ALREADY created one and don't know where to start 

with marketing it,

you're in the right place. 

Hi, I'm Kim Garnett

founder of BrainyGirlU.

I've helped hundreds of novice course creators get their courses online.

The problem?

They usually come to me AFTER they've created a course, with this question...

"How do I MARKET my course??"

Without a hungry audience of people who WANT your course, who are you going to sell it to?

And more important than that.. 

how do you know that you've created (or are creating) 

a course that will actually SELL?

The Most Comprehensive Program To Set You Up For A Successful Course Launch.

As an entrepreneur doing business online (with online courses), it is imperative that you learn how to market your courses, 

and the marketing you're going to learn and implement in this program is going to be the fuel you need to catapult your business.  

The steps you'll go through in this self-paced program will be the basis for all marketing that you're going to do while in this program, and after you complete the program.

Who This IS For
Who This is NOT For
  • You've "launched" your course and no one is enrolling OR you haven't yet created a course
  • You've "launched" your course and are making big bucks
  • You have no email list or a small email list (under 100 subscribers)

  • You've got an email list of at least 1,500 and are getting at least 5 new subscribers daily

  • You don't have a website OR have a website that can't be found on Google OR have a website that's not converting web visitors to leads and customers

  • You have a website that's converting web visitors to leads and customers AND at least 50% of your traffic is organic

  • You're committed to making the time to follow the 90 day List To Launch plan knowing that you're building a sustainable business

  • You want a "quick buck", overnight success, and believe the "guru's" when they say you can launch a course in 7 days and make a million dollars

  • Want to create a course (or recreate a course) based on what your audience wants so it SELLS

  • Believe that you've created (or will be creating) the BEST course out there on this topic (despite the fact that no one is buying it)

Meet The Two Industry Experts

that will guide you on this journey.

What Other Participants Are Saying

Amy Haskell

I LOVE everything I've learned and APPLIED over the past year - it's fascinating. Goes a long way with marketing and results. Kim and Lynne's courses and teaching are effective and spot on. :)

Getting Started

Module 1

In module 1 you'll be introduced to the List To Launch course.

You'll learn the importance of building your online audience and email list PRIOR to launching your course.

You'll get your 90 day plan, and be welcomed into The Course Creators Inner Circle - an online community of support and access to two industry experts.

The Audit

Module 2

In this module you'll be documenting your analytics - your online presence, online audience, and email marketing.

This initial audit will provide you with a baseline assessment so that you can track your growth and progress as you work through the course.

Your Unique "Edge"

Module 3

In module 3 you'll learn what a Unique Value Proposition or Position is, why it's important, and what questions to ask yourself when creating yours.

You'll create your own UVP by defining what sets you apart, and how to use that to your advantage.

Your Ideal Customer

Module 4

What’s a Buyer Persona and why do you need to know who your ideal customer avatar, or buyer persona, is?

In module 4 you'll learn about the Buyer Persona and draft your ideal customer avatar - one of the most important steps in connecting with your potential customers.

Prepare To Advertise

Module 5

In order to use the power of Facebook advertising, you're going to have to understand the basics.

In this module you'll learn how to set up your Facebook Ad account and how to create your Facebook pixel.

Building (or Revamping) Your Website

Module 6

You're moving into the online space, and you'll need a website.

In this module you'll learn why, and how to create your own Wordpress website from the setup to the pixel.

If you already have a website, you'll still pick up a few tips in this module!

List Building - The Great Mystery

Module 7

In this module we're going to dive into the importance of list-building, you'll learn some basic email marketing terminology, and you'll set your email list growth goals.

The Customer Journey

Module 8

How can you take your potential customers through a journey that leads them to purchasing your course?

In this module you'll going to learn what a value ladder is, see some real-life examples of value ladders for different course offerings, and build your own!

Email List Growth on Steroids

Module 9

You've probably heard of "lead magnets", "freebies", or "optins", but what are they and how can you create one that your audience REALLY wants?

In module 9 you'll learn everything you've ever wanted to know about how to entice your potential customers. You'll create and test your lead magnet, AND build your first "funnel" to start to rapidly grow your email list.

Get Found By Your Potential Customers

Module 10

Want to get found by your potential customers on Google, Youtube, or Facebook?

In this module you'll be learning all about content marketing. From SEO and content pillars to blogging for business and growing your Youtube channel, and even basic Facebook advertising, implementing what you learn in this module will allow you to build your online authority, grow your email list, and ensure you have a hungry audience waiting to purchase your course when you're ready to launch it!

Proceed, Abort, Pivot, Prepare

Module 11

By this point in the course you've drastically increased your email subscribers and online audience, have increased your online visibility, and have built relationships with your potential audience. Now it's time to uncover and validate your course topic, and prepare for your pilot program.

In this module you'll be doing the market research required to ensure that you have created, or will be creating, a course that will SELL.

You may decide to proceed with the course you intended to create or have created OR you may decide to pivot, but you'll make that decision based on actual market research - not guesswork.

Once you've uncovered the perfect course topic (based on what your audience WANTS), you'll prepare to deliver your pilot program.

BONUS! Running Your Pilot Program

Module 12

In this BONUS module you'll:

  • Create an outline for your pilot program
  • Learn how to pre-sell, market, and deliver your pilot program
  • How to use your student's feedback to co-create the course
  • What to do before creating your signature course
  • Course curriculum

    • 1


      • Welcome

      • How To Navigate

      • 90 Day Plan

      • BONUS: Join The Course Creators Inner Circle

      • The Big Picture

      • Tools

    • 2


      • Activity - Auditing Your Online Presence

      • How To Audit Your Online Audience

      • Module Reflection

    • 3


      • Buyer Persona - Overview

      • Activity - Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar (Buyer Persona)

      • Module Reflection

    • 4


      • How Will You Stand Out?

      • Activity - Your UVP

      • Module Reflection

    • 5


      • Why You Need a Facebook Ad Account

      • The 3 Things

      • Creating your Business Manager Account

      • Creating Your Ad Account / Adding a Payment Method

      • How To Create Your Facebook™ Pixel Using Business Manager

      • Module Reflection

    • 6


      • Why You Need a Website & Website Platforms Explained

      • Tips For A High Converting Website

      • Wordpress: Initial Setup

      • Install Your Theme and Page Builder

      • The WordPress Dashboard At A Glance

      • Configure Your WordPress Settings

      • The WordPress Media Library

      • Free Stock Images For Your Website

      • The Appearance Menu - Customizing Your Theme

      • The Appearance Menu - Widgets

      • The Appearance Menu - Header

      • Extend Your Site Functionality With WordPress Plugins

      • Recommended Plugins

      • Installing Your Facebook Pixel

      • Installing Your Facebook Pixel On Other Platforms

      • Creating and Configuring Your Google Analytics Account

      • Installing Google Analytics

      • Installing Google Analytics On Other Platforms

      • WordPress Pages VS Posts

      • Important Pages For Your Website

      • Getting Started With Elementor

      • Pages & Posts Using Elementor

      • Posts & Pages Using the Gutenberg Editor

      • Installing and Using Yoast SEO

      • Yoast SEO Blog

      • The Appearance Menu - Navigation Menus

      • Additional Elementor Resources and Tutorials

      • Module Reflection

    • 7


      • You Can't Sell a Course Without a List!

      • Email Marketing Glossary

      • Module Reflection

    • 8


      • Introduction to Value Ladders

      • Value Ladder Worksheet

      • Live Value Ladder Build - Part 1

      • Live Value Ladder Build - Part 2

      • Language Course Value Ladder

      • Nutrition Course Value Ladder

      • Music Course Value Ladder

      • Module Reflection

    • 9


      • Introduction to Lead Magnets

      • How to Create a Lead Magnet that Attracts Customers

      • Creating Your Lead Magnet

      • Audience Research: What they need, want and are without

      • Choosing Your ESP

      • Using the Audience Insights Tool For Interest Targeting

      • Audience Insights VIDEO WALKTHROUGH

      • Vetting Your Lead Magnet with Lead Form Facebook Ads

      • The Basic Optin Funnel - Overview

      • Squeeze Page and Thank You Page Examples

      • Basic Optin (New Subscriber) Email Sequence Templates

      • Setting Up Your Basic Optin Funnel with Convertkit

      • Setting Up Your Basic Opt-in Funnel - Active Campaign

      • Setting Up Your Basic Optin Funnel with ClickFunnels

      • How To Deliver A Free Download To Your Subscribers

      • Metrics & Tracking Your List For Maximum Effectiveness

      • Nurturing Your List

      • 29 Ways To Grow Your Email List FAST

      • Module Reflection

    • 10


      • Content Marketing 101

      • Content Pillars

      • [download] Content Pillars

      • SEO Silos

      • Activity - Content Research

      • SEO - Search Engine Optimization

      • Keyword Research

      • SEO Checklist, Tips, and Additional Resources

      • Creating Your Content Marketing Plan

      • Why Blog For Business?

      • Activity - Your First Blog Posts

      • Paid Advertising: Top of Funnel Strategies

      • Choosing Your Social Media Channels

      • Repurposing Your Content for Maximum Reach

      • Activity - Repurposing Your Content

      • Activity - Your First Youtube Videos

      • Youtube: Part I - Optimizing Your Channel

      • Youtube: Part II - Part II - Uploading and Optimizing Videos

      • Youtube: Part III - Video Enhancements, Cards, End Screens & CC

      • Facebook Groups

      • Live Stream Challenge

      • Strategic Partnerships

      • Module Reflection

    • 11


      • Why You Need To Validate Your Course Now

      • Activity - Researching Course Topics

      • Activity - Analyzing Your Course Topic Research

      • Course Validation - The Steps

      • Market Research Survey - Preparation

      • Activity - Choosing Your Survey Tool

      • Creating Your Survey with Typeform

      • Creating Your Survey with Google Forms

      • Promoting The Course Validation Survey

      • Analyzing Your Survey Results

      • Module Reflection

    • 12

      WHAT'S NEXT?

      • How Far Have You Come?

      • Course Evaluation

      • BrainyGirlU Courses

      • Get Help with Facebook Ads

    • 13


      • Pilot Program - Overview

      • Decision: Pilot Program Delivery

      • Decision: Pilot Program Pricing

      • Decision: Pilot Program Dates

      • Steps

      • Communicating With Participants

      • Delivering The Pilot Program

      • Getting Participant Feedback

      • Abort, Pivot, Continue

      • Module Reflection

    By the time you complete this program you'll:

    • Know what sets you and your courses apart, and will be using it to attract more of potential customers.

    • Know EXACTLY who your ideal customer is, where to find them, and be building relationships with them.

    • Have your OWN real estate on the web - a functional, optimized website and be creating content for it regularly.

    • Be RAPIDLY building your list of engaged subscribers, excited to buy your course.

    • Be IMPLEMENTING content marketing strategies to increase your authority online, attract potential students, increase your visibility, and grow your list.

    • Have uncovered the course topic that your AUDIENCE wants, ensuring that you CREATE A COURSE THAT SELLS!

    Meet The Experts

    Senior Instructor

    Lynne Miller

    Lynne Miller is a trained and seasoned Facebook™ marketing expert who works with online entrepreneurs to build and scale their businesses using sales funnels and advertising.   She believes in building relationships and helps others to reach those they want to build a relationship with in the online space.   She has worked with online e-commerce professionals and local businesses to build sustainable, viable growth using Facebook™ as the preferred social media platform. She holds the MCSE and MCTS certifications from Microsoft as an Enterprise Collaboration Administrator for Exchange and MOSS, as well as a CIS degree. 

    Senior Instructor

    Kim Garnett

    Kim (aka Brainy Girl) has been assisting entrepreneurs and business owners for the last 15 years with business growth, sales, and marketing. For the last 5 years, she has worked primarily with online course creators and entrepreneurs relatively new to the online space - teaching, training, and assisting with, digital marketing and technology.   She has created and launched 20+ online courses herself and uses digital marketing and technology on a daily basis, and she's listed on the Thinkific Expert Directory. She's a tech geek who just happens to be really personable!   Kim is passionate about teaching and learning, knows the importance of continuing education, and shares her vast knowledge with you in all of her courses.

    You have questions...

    ...we have answers.

    • How long is this program?

      The program is designed to take 90 days to complete, however - as it's self-paced - you can move as quickly as you like through the modules. You have access to the course for 365 days (1 year) from the time you enroll.

      You'll get the week by week plan at the start of the course so that you can plan out your tasks. We also provide you with an estimate of how many hours you'll need to commit to the course, per week, to finish in 90 days. Each week you'll be devoting 2 - 10 hours to completing the lessons and implementing the activities.

      We encourage you to take the time to ensure that each task or activity is completed before moving onto the next one.

    • Do I get access to everything when I enroll?

      The content in the course is dripped out based on your enrollment date.

      When you enroll you'll get immediate access to Modules 1 - 5.
      7 days after you enroll you'll get access to Modules 6 - 8.
      14 days after you enroll you'll get access to Modules 9 - 10.
      21 days after you enroll you'll get access to Modules 11 - 12.
      28 days after you enroll you'll get access to the BONUS Module 13.

    • Are there any live calls?

      There are no live calls included with this course. It is meant to be used as a DIY course with step by step instructions.

    • What if I've already created my course?

      Are people enrolling? Are you generating revenue from the course? If not, List To Launch is for you.

      Most people start by creating a course, then trying to figure out how to "market" it. Unfortunately without a hungry audience of potential buyers AND having already created a course that may or may not be what your audience wants, you're going to keep struggling to market your course.

      List To Launch takes you back to the beginning (where you should have started). Don't create another course or try to boost more Facebook posts to get sales. Enroll in List to Launch and jump start your marketing.

    • What is the cost?

      The investment is just $399 USD (one time payment) or 2 monthly payments of $250 USD.

      This gives you one year access to the program including all updates.