If you are...

  • Spending so much time watching Youtube videos, taking courses, and crying out for help in Facebook groups that you don't feel like this is ever going to get off the ground.

  • Following all of the "guru's" who are giving you their free strategies but they're just not working the way you hoped they would.

  • Working on the steps you know you need to take to get your business and courses online, but you feel like you're spinning your wheels and you're ready to give up.

  • Feeling isolated, spending hours behind your computer or trying to juggle your business or day job while creating a course, and you need some connection to people who are in the same boat.

You're In The Right Place.

Hi, I'm Kim Garnett - better known as Brainy Girl.

I'm the founder of BrainyGirlU - the online space dedicated to training and support for novice course creators.

My average client has spent thousands of dollars, wasted hundreds of hours, and has been duped by so-called-experts. They're wary of another "online course" or "membership site".

They, like you, want to get their course online to increase their revenue, help more people, and create more freedom in their life. Sound familiar?

I've successfully launched over 40 courses and 3 membership sites and originally struggled with all of the same things you struggle with. I understand - and I'm here to cheer you on, kick your butt, guide and support you as you navigate this wonderful world of online courses.

DIY Courses, Blended Learning, or Done-For-You

You're unique - and your learning options should be as well.

DIY Launch Your Course on Thinkific

Step by step tutorials with an experienced Thinkific expert to walk you through getting your course online using Thinkific's Site Builder.

Thinkific Demo Course

Do you wish you could see what an ACTUAL course built on the Thinkific platform looks like?

Now you can!

"If you have come this far with course creation and a scalable mindset you really must spend a tiny amount to see and hear in practical, useful terms, with a common sense attitude from Kim who has obviously walked that Path you wish to travel upon. Strongly recommended." - Dr. Charles P.

List To Launch

How Do I Market My Course?

Whether you're THINKING of creating an online course or you've ALREADY created one and don't know where to start with marketing it, you're in the right place.

The Most Comprehensive Program To Set You Up For A Successful Course Launch.

Online Education Automation

Stop Losing Potential Customers AND Keep Your Students Engaged With Automated Emails For Your Online Course!

Get these done-for-you automations for Thinkific Convertkit integrations.

Creating and Managing Your Affiliate Program


Lessen your workload and increase your profits by having affiliates promote and market your courses for you!