Thinkific LMS is a powerful platform for hosting your online courses, programs, and membership sites.

Yes, you could bumble through setting up your site and course yourself BUT if you want to avoid the pitfalls and frustration that comes from learning a new software yourself, and confidently open your course for enrollment, then let Kim (Thinkific Expert and Ambassador) guide you through the process in this step-by-step course.

We have set up hundreds of Thinkific sites for clients, and we have 2 different Thinkific sites ourselves.

We’ve seen mistakes (that could have been prevented) cause havoc and lost revenue for course creators because they decided to do it themselves without knowing the potential pitfalls.

And we don’t want to see that happen to you.

Enrolling and participating in this course will give you peace of mind – knowing that your site is set up properly and that you can confidently open the doors for enrollment.

Step By Step Tutorials and Instructions

to guide you through the entire process - from start to finish.

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • How To Navigate

    • Thinkific Plans & Pricing

    • What Is Thinkific? + Free Month

    • Build It And They Will Come. Right? WRONG!

    • Launch Checklist

    • Pre-Set Up & Checklist

  • 2


    • What You Need To Know To Pre-sell Your Course

    • Pre-selling Your Course - Live Stream Replay

    • Preparation: Course Pre-Sell Page

    • Preparation: Post-Course Purchase Page

    • Preparation: Welcome Email

    • Pre-sell Checklist

  • 3


    • Thinkific Dashboard Cheat Sheet

    • Your Site Dashboard Walkthrough

    • Transitioning To Site Builder - Considerations & Cautions

    • Choosing Your Theme

    • Site Settings

    • Custom Domain

    • BONUS: 2 Weeks Free Trial of Convertkit

    • Integrations

    • VAT Compliance

    • Instructors

  • 4


    • Thinkific Demo Course

    • Create a New Course

    • Uploading Curriculum

    • Thinkific Lesson Types

    • Drip Schedule

    • Course Settings

    • Video Library

    • Course Pricing

    • Issue Course Completion Certificates (through Accredible)

    • Issue Course Completion Certificates (in-house Thinkific)

    • Bundles & Memberships

    • Notifications

  • 5


    • Landing Page Resources

    • High-Converting Course or Bundle Sales Page Template

    • Accessing Site Builder

    • Page Types

    • Are You Ready To Build Your Landing Pages?

    • Theme Settings

    • Site Builder Sections & Blocks

    • Let's Start Designing!

    • HTML Cheat Sheet

    • Header & Footer

    • Renaming Sections in Site Builder

    • How To Resize and Compress Images for Thinkific Landing Pages

    • Section - Additional Products

    • Section - All Categories [smart section]

    • Section - All Pricing Options [smart section]

    • Section - All Products [smart section]

    • Section - Banner (course)

    • Section - Bonus Material

    • Section - Call To Action

    • Section - Checklist

    • Section - Categories

    • Section - Curriculum [smart section]

    • Section - Countdown Timer

    • Section - Frequently Asked Questions

    • Section - Icons & Text

    • Section - Image Gallery

    • Section - Image & Text (with CTA)

    • Section - Instructor(s)

    • Section - Logos

    • Section - Pricing Options

    • Section - Reviews

    • Section - Testimonials

    • Section - Text (with CTA)

    • Section - Text & Media

    • Section - Upsells

    • Section - Video

    • Re-ordering Sections

    • Checking Mobile vs Full Screen

    • Your Landing Page URL's

    • Testing Your Landing Pages

    • Updating Your Theme

    • FAQ's

  • 6


    • Connecting Your Thinkific Site To Your Website

    • Let's Publish Your Course!

    • Site and Course Testing

    • [checklist] Creating a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Course

  • 7


    • Users

    • Groups

    • Orders

    • Student Progress Reports

    • Quiz & Survey Results

    • Revenue Sharing

    • Creating Coupon Codes & Links

    • Setting Up and Managing Affiliates

  • 8


    • Course Evaluation

  • 9


    • Additional Training and Support

    • Need help?

“But Thinkific is user-friendly and I’m sure I can piece together the information…”

We’re sure you can too!

The problem?

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You could probably learn to change your own oil, but what if you used the wrong oil and your engine seized?

Our typical client has been working on their course for 1 – 3 years and has spent countless hours, and thousands of dollars, on “experts” who didn’t quite deliver.

Kim (Brainy Girl) is recognized as a REAL expert, and is even listed on Thinkific’s Expert Directory.

If you really want to get your course online and be proud of your online training center, don't you want the expert guidance to do it right - the first time??

Meet Your Instructor

Senior Instructor

Kim Garnett

Kim (aka Brainy Girl) has been assisting entrepreneurs and business owners for the last 15 years with business growth, sales, and marketing. For the last 5 years, she has worked primarily with online course creators and entrepreneurs relatively new to the online space - teaching, training, and assisting with, digital marketing and technology.   She has created and launched 20+ online courses herself and uses digital marketing and technology on a daily basis, and she's listed on the Thinkific Expert Directory. She's a tech geek who just happens to be really personable!   Kim is passionate about teaching and learning, knows the importance of continuing education, and shares her vast knowledge with you in all of her courses.


  • How long do I have access to this course for?

    You have 24/7 access to this course for a lifetime, which means you'll get all the updates as they're published as well!

  • I've got my Thinkific site setup - I just need help with the landing pages!

    No problem - we've got you covered! Just click on ALL COURSES at the top and look for the Thinkific Landing Pages course. That course is exactly what you need.

  • Doesn't Thinkific have tutorials on how to set up my site?

    They do - and if you want to go from tutorial to blog post to Youtube video, you can do that. However, we provide you a streamlined way to fast-track the setup of your Thinkific site and get your courses online fast so that you can start earning revenue AND making a difference.

  • What is the cost?

    $297 USD for lifetime access to this course (including upgrades as Thinkific adds new features!).

    If you just need instruction on creating high converting landing pages and sales pages for your Thinkific site, check out the Thinkific Landing Pages course!