"I'm SO frustrated!"

Creating beautiful, high-converting landing pages shouldn't result in you wanting to throw your computer out the window.

Let's face it.

As a novice course creator, you're on a steep learning curve.

From learning new technology to getting your first course developed, it can feel really overwhelming.

Creating beautiful, high-converting landing pages is an essential component of successful course sales, but you shouldn't want to pull your hair out trying to create them!

All you need is an expert to guide you through the process.

Once you understand the components of Thinkific's Site Builder, and how to use them to create beautiful, high-converting landing pages, you'll have no excuse to not launch your course and start making a real difference in the world.

Thinkific Landing Pages Course

Step by step tutorials with an expert to guide you.

Stop posting in Facebook groups and watching Youtube videos hoping to get answers to your questions!

Let an actual Thinkific Expert guide you through the process of creating beautiful, high-converting landing pages using Thinkific's Site Builder.

You don't need to be a "coder" or a "techy" to create sales pages that convert!

Just $147 USD to get started right now and have your beautiful, high-converting landing pages on your Thinkific site in no time.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome To The Course

    • How To Navigate

    • Resources Mentioned In This Course

    • Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

  • 2


    • Overview of Site Builder

    • Which Theme Am I Currently Using?

    • Transitioning To Site Builder - Considerations & Cautions

    • Choosing Your Theme

    • Accessing Site Builder

    • Page Types

    • Are You Ready To Build Your Landing Pages?

    • [resource] High Converting Landing Pages

  • 3


    • Theme Settings

    • HTML Cheatsheet

    • Let's Start Designing!

    • Header & Footer

  • 4


    • Site Builder Sections & Blocks

    • Renaming Sections in Site Builder

    • Section - Additional Products

    • Section - All Categories [smart section]

    • Section - All Pricing Options [smart section]

    • Section - All Products [smart section]

    • Section - Banner (course)

    • Section - Bonus Material

    • Section - Call To Action

    • Section - Checklist

    • Section - Categories

    • Section - Curriculum [smart section]

    • Section - Countdown Timer

    • Section - Frequently Asked Questions

    • Section - Icons & Text

    • Section - Image Gallery

    • Section - Image & Text (with CTA)

    • Section - Instructor(s)

    • Section - Pricing Options

    • Section - Reviews

    • Section - Logos

    • Section - Testimonials

    • Section - Text (with CTA)

    • Section - Text & Media

    • Section - Upsells

    • Section - Video

  • 5


    • Re-ordering Sections

    • Checking Mobile vs Full Screen

    • Your Landing Page URL's

    • Testing Your New Landing Pages

    • Updating Your Theme

    • FAQ'S

    • Your Next Steps

  • 6


    • Learn How To Market Your Course(s)

    • Book A 90-Minute 1:1 Session with Kim


  • What's the difference between the Thinkific Landing Pages course and the Launch Your Course on Thinkific course?

    The Thinkific Landing Pages course is specifically for Thinkific customers who want to create beautiful, high-converting landing pages.

    The Launch Your Course on Thinkific course is for novice course creators who want an expert to guide them through the complete setup of their Thinkific site. This course includes everything in the Thinkific Landing Pages course PLUS a whole lot more.

  • How long do I have access to this course for?

    You have 24/7 access to this course for 180 days - approximately 6 months.

  • Do I get access to a private community with this course?

    No, this is a DIY course where you implement as you go along, and is priced accordingly.

    HOWEVER if you're looking for a higher level of support (1:1 coaching/support plus training) you should definitely check out The Inner Circle (link at the bottom of this page).

Meet Your Expert Guide

Senior Instructor

Kim Garnett

Kim (aka Brainy Girl) has been assisting entrepreneurs and business owners for the last 15 years with business growth, sales, and marketing. For the last 5 years, she has worked primarily with online course creators and entrepreneurs relatively new to the online space - teaching, training, and assisting with, digital marketing and technology.   She has created and launched 20+ online courses herself and uses digital marketing and technology on a daily basis, and she's listed on the Thinkific Expert Directory. She's a tech geek who just happens to be really personable!   Kim is passionate about teaching and learning, knows the importance of continuing education, and shares her vast knowledge with you in all of her courses.