• Have you been struggling with coming up with the additional money you need fund your courses?

  • Do you need a way to build your authority and credibility online while making money?

  • Are you looking for a way to give you audience something, but your course(s) aren’t ready to publish yet?

  • Do you want to increase your (truly) passive revenue?

“Affiliate Marketing”.

Just that title made me cringe.

It made me think of MLM’s and get-rich-quick schemes.

That was, until, I started to make real money from promoting products and services I was already using. 

I’d be mentioning them anyways - so why not get PAID to tell others about them?

You see, promoting products and services I use is called Affiliate Marketing.

I’m a consultant, a service provider, and an online educator for novice course creators.

The software programs and services I use are also software programs and services that my clients and students need.

I’m an affiliate for 30-40 products and services that I use, and that I recommend to my students and clients.

I promote these products and services in blog posts, social media posts, Youtube videos, and in my online courses.

One tutorial video I published on Youtube has had over 9,000 views (with NO promotion) and that one video has already paid for the software I was demo’ing in that tutorial FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS!

With VERY little effort, I now make an additional $1,500 per month by promoting products and services I use and love to my email list, my clients, and my students. 

The Proof

With just ONE video published on Youtube I now have 7 years FREE membership for this software!

Every month I make commissions from referring programs, software, and services I love!

Like these...

In this training I'll teach you

how to make extra money promoting products, services, and courses you already use and love.
  • Determine which products and services to promote

  • Understand how to create and organize your affiliate accounts

  • Start planning your affiliate promotions with our fill-in-the-blank template

  • Learn the top 5 ways to promote your affiliate programs to your audience

Meet Kim

Senior Instructor

Kim Garnett

Kim (aka Brainy Girl) has been assisting entrepreneurs and business owners for the last 15 years with business growth, sales, and marketing. For the last 5 years, she has worked primarily with online course creators and entrepreneurs relatively new to the online space - teaching, training, and assisting with, digital marketing and technology.   She has created and launched 20+ online courses herself and uses digital marketing and technology on a daily basis, and she's listed on the Thinkific Expert Directory. She's a tech geek who just happens to be really personable!   Kim is passionate about teaching and learning, knows the importance of continuing education, and shares her vast knowledge with you in all of her courses.

Why Affiliate Marketing?


    Promote products and services you already use and love to your audience, and watch the money roll in!


    Your students are looking to you for recommendations. Make money by sharing your favourite online tools, products and services with them!


    Sharing your expertise with free content can feel like a waste of time. Build your authority online while making additional revenue!

You Have 3 Options:

Option #1 - Try your hand at affiliate marketing without really knowing what you’re doing. Make all kinds of mistakes, learn by trial and error, and maybe make enough to take your family out for dinner.

Option #2 - Enroll in one of the expensive courses so you can be taught by a an affiliate marketing “guru” who doesn’t understand the online education industry, and your unique opportunity as an online educator.

Option #3 - Enroll in THIS training and learn everything you need to get started with affiliate marketing as an online educator in just an hour!
BONUS - Learn from an online educator who’s actually making money with affiliate marketing.

The investment is just $97 USD to join Kim in this training, but it's never about the cost. It's about the Return On Investment. If you follow Kim’s formula for getting started with affiliate marketing, you’ll make at least double your investment in your first month. Now that’s ROI!


  • Is this live training?

    No, the video training itself is a replay of a live training event and is about an hour long, plus there are downloads and bonuses to help you determine which affiliate programs to align yourself with, how to find affiliate programs, how to plan your affiliate promotional calendar and how to keep it all organized.

  • How long do I have access for?

    When you enroll you have lifetime access.

  • How much time do I have to invest if I want to make over $1,000 / month?

    I put in about 4 hours per month promoting affiliate programs, and make about $1,500 / month. The more effort you put in, the more affiliate revenue you'll make.

    I give you ALL of actual tactics and strategies to do the same thing.

If You're Ready To Create Free Content That Actually MAKES You Money,

builds your authority online, AND gives you (truly) passive revenue, then get instant access to this training now.

Just $97 USD with lifetime access.