Are you tired of losing potential customers?

Do you need a way to automate your emails for your online course business?

If so, you're in the right place.

Thinkific is a powerful Learning Management System.

If you're hosting your courses, or thinking of hosting your courses, on the Thinkific LMS platform, you've made a solid choice.

Thinkific is great for delivering your course content to your students, but it's YOUR job to ensure that:

1. Your students keep moving through the course to get the intended result/transformation.

2. You can upsell new courses, memberships, other digital products, or services to your current customers and students.

3. You don't lose potential students who create an account on your Thinkific site but don't enroll in a course.

<center>Thinkific is a powerful Learning Management System.

With Email Automations!

"I use Mailchimp because it's free!"

Yes, it's "free" for up to 2,000 subscribers, and if all you want to do with it is send the odd email newsletter to your subscribers then it's perfect...


it will be virtually IMPOSSIBLE to automate your online course business with it.


Convertkit is an email marketing software that is robust enough to handle an online education business, and it's easy enough to learn how to use - even for the technically challenged.

Convertkit also seamlessly integrates with Thinkific WITHOUT the use of 3rd party software needed to integrate Aweber or Mailchimp with Thinkific.

And it's only $29 / month for up to 1,000 subscribers.


"How do I set it all up?"

Great question! And here's the fun part...

In this course you'll get exclusive access to done-for-you email automations to get your online course business running like a well-oiled machine!

You'll get EVERYTHING you need to set it up and integrate it with your Thinkific site including:

  • A 2 week F.R.E.E. trial of Convertkit

  • 4 different email automations for different use cases

  • Step by step tutorials for editing and customizing the automations

  • Template email sequences which you can customize for your business and brand

  • Full instructions for testing the automations so that you can confidently automate

  • BONUS - branded email template with instructions to customize

What Participants Are Saying

What are the use cases for these automations?


Thinkific has a 2-part checkout. On the first page, a potential customer creates an account. On the second page, they enter their credit card information and enroll in the course.

Unfortunately some of those potential customers will 'abandon the cart' - meaning that they'll create an account but won't complete their enrollment, which means that you lose out on a potential customer.


Maybe their baby started crying.
Maybe the price scared them off.
Maybe their internet connection broke.

In any case, you want a second chance to try to move them towards purchasing your course. At this point they're a hot prospect!

With the Abandoned Cart Automation we can pull them back into enrollment with strategic emails.


You may already be sending an email to your students when they enroll in your course...but then what? 

Do you forget about them?
Leave them alone to stay motivated? Hope they make it through the course?

You could, but if they don't complete the course they won't get the intended result/transformation, won't purchase other courses from you in the future, and won't say great things about your course to others!

Are you dripping content to them? If so, you need to let them know when the new modules or lessons are available!

You need to help them keep moving forward, taking action, and working through the course to get the intended results or transformation, and you can do that through the Course Enrollment automation.


So the student has completed your course. 

Now what?

If they've completed the course and have achieved the intended result or transformation, they're MUCH more likely to purchase other courses, digital products, or services from you. They may even want to become one of your affiliates!

This automation prompts them to take the action steps to the next "thing" you're offering.


If you're offering a free preview of a few lessons in your course, in hopes that the student will purchase the full course, then you need to support this effort with email.

This automation will help them move from freebie-looky-loo to customer.